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How COVID-19 is impacting the global job market and recruitment process.

How COVID-19 is impacting the global job market and recruitment process?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing its tear across the world. Many organizations are taking significant measures to mitigate the spread of the disease.

Along with keeping current staff healthy, organizations are also looking to protect prospective employees, putting particular policies in place for the hiring process.

According to Joe Caccavale, content marketer of Applied, a London-based company specializing in hiring and applicant tracking software: "The coronavirus will undoubtedly have a marked impact on job seekers, as other organizations place more extreme measures on the hiring process to protect the well-being of employees.".

How the epidemic affects the labor market in Poland?

The coronavirus presented the economic situation in Poland, significantly deepening the economic slowdown observed in the country for several months. The epidemic will have an immediate impact on employment statistics in Poland. In a wide range and crisis progression will appear in tourism, passenger transport, gastronomy, entertainment services, and there tricky services, such as rebounding from the bottom of activities.

Independent of State support, which believes that many are insufficient, includes the question - what next?

Every day, there are more people infected with the coronavirus. Poland has to face new challenges. Companies also face these challenges. It is not only about changes in the way of working and employee protection, but also a new look at recruitment.

Meeting candidates is dangerous when calculating epidemics. Therefore, companies are changing their approach to recruitment because they cannot be completely abandoned. There are always industries concerned about the crisis caused by the epidemic, as there are those that now need hands for work. To, among others retail chains or food producers.

The coming weeks for the recruitment industry is a considerable challenge. Changes must be made for this business to function efficiently.

The company is increasingly implementing changes in the organization of limiting meetings with clients and candidates. We must address the situation with detailed remarks, i.e., take care of hygiene and comfort of work, as well as minimize the risk by limiting the conditions that threaten infection — a coronavirus for us to test, which forces us to change our professional lives.

Hiring precautions due to the coronavirus

1. Video interviews

One of the most noticeable changes companies have made to the interview process involves telecommunication. To prevent any possible spread of the virus, organizations are shifting in-person interviews to video calls.

"Job seekers should be prepared to conduct more phone, and video interviews as the virus spreads." Even if they're applying to local jobs, employers may be inclined to invite applicants for remote interviews rather than bringing them into the office, just to be safe." said Brie Weiler Reynolds, career development manager at FlexJobs.

Many companies invite interviewees to speak via Skype, Zoom, or Hangouts Meeting but also allow the opportunity to come into the office. However, for those who choose to come in, the company requires both the applicant and interviewer to keep security measures.

2. Halting hiring

Some organizations are freezing hiring altogether. European holiday company TUI, German airline Lufthansa, and SingPost have all suspended recruitment practices due to the coronavirus.