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Operational Excellence

Solving operational problems today, to create growth tomorrow. 

Whatever the challenge, you and your business come first. Our work is based on your long-term strategy, we take time to understand your needs, your business, your employees, and processes. Through real partnership we are able to help you to grow your business and remove obstacles in reaching goals.

We have more then 10 years of experience in multinational companies, working with Six Sigma, Kaizen and Agile approach. We are able to quickly identify bottlenecks in your processes and fix them, so you can focus on growing your business.

How can we help you?
Process Improvements
Our innovative approach to processes focuses around Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies, which are part of Continues Improvement (CI) solutions. Each process We are Agile, and we provide you with Agile Coaching solutions.
Steps towards process improvement (DMAIC):
  • defining current stage
  • measuring the process
  • analyzing the process
  • improving the process
  • providing controlling
  • training of the management & staff
Debt Collection Services 
  • Do you need a strategy for your debt collecting process?
  • Do you know how to manage and report cohorts performance?
  • Do you use tools and automated processes for your collection processes?
  • Do you use 3rd party companies for your hard collection process?
LeanOps consultants will help you to lean your collection process, automate it and prepare a long-term soft and hard collection strategy for your business. 
Management Consulting 
Our business consultants can help you with defining strategy, mission and vision for your business. 
We have experience in setting up strategy goals for your company and departments based on OKRs and KPIs, which are efficient tools for managing performance.