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Legal Services

LeanOps Consulting specializes in business law and legal consulting for business entities. We offer legal advice in day-to-day business activities.

Because of our individualized approach to our clients, our ability to listen to them and to understand their business, we’re able to build long-term relationships with clients and support them in meeting the challenges of running their business.

We provide remote legal assistance, which enables you to communicate with a qualified lawyer in real time.

We work with layers and legal advisors who have practical experience working in multinational companies.



corporate law

Bankruptcy, creditor's rights, disputes between partners and shareholders. 


labour law

Design of employment contracts, termination and amendment, due diligence, flexible remuneration, mass layoffs. 


Data privacy law GDPR

Compliance auditing, documents and registry preparations, documentation internal and external.


california consumer privacy act 

Due diligence, auditing, compliance, documentation, opt-out.


legal auditing

Analysis of general compliance of activity of the entity with the provisions of law including the analysis of legal acts regulating the certain branch of business


administrative law

Legal advice with regard to trademark registration, personal rights infringement claims.


it law

Consult in matters relating to Technology, Internet, eCommerce, Privacy Laws, Credit card frauds, IT Act, 2000, Economic Offenses, Financial Frauds, Online Frauds


investment law

Support for foreign investment, opening and liquidation of business, investment consulting, VC and funds.


tax advisory

Legal assistance during tax audits, optimization of taxation, resolving tax disputes.