CRM Consulting

If processes are a company's blood then CRM is a heart.

Our company helps businesses B2B and B2C to connect with their customer more efficiently using a Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM).

Choosing a CRM and implementing it can be a dreadful task, with our project team and experienced consultants we will make this process as simple and easy as possible, so you can focus on your business - we will take care of the rest.

There are over 200 CRM solution available on the market, each of them can serve a different purpose, whether you need a CRM for your Sales Team or Support Team.

Increase your efficiency and ROI with a well designed CRM.

LeanOps Consulting will help you to make the most of your CRM and helps you to choose and configure your CRM so it suits your needs.

LeanOps will give you tangible benefits:

360-degree view

360 degree view of your customers. Better insights better management.


Increased and efficient collaboration between departments.

ROI of investment

Increased ROI of your investment, make the most of the purchase.


Increased productivity of sales, marketing and customer service employees


Increased customers' retention and satisfaction.


What you can't measure you can't manage.